Community Partners

Programs 2014 – 2015 Funded

Program: Los Banos Emergency Assistance

Program Description: Bethel Community provides food boxes, hot meals, encouragement and references to other service providers in our community so that as much help as possible can be rendered to those who are in need.

An emergency food distribution is done every Friday and on an emergency basis to those in need. A well balanced hot meal is served every Friday to the general public who live in poverty.

Our community is one of the highest in poverty and unemployment.

Bethel Community provides nutritional; healthy food boxes and hot meals; thus allowing the recipients to provide healthy; wholesome; nutritious meals; thus eating healthier; learning to change their diets and making healthier choices.

Bethel Community provides and works with other organizations to help those genuinely in need to receive as much available assistance.

Bethel Community provides food assistance and refers them to other organizations; wherein; they can learn how to make healthier choices and live healthier lives.

Provides Dave Ramseys’ Financial Peace University to help families learn how to budget; get out of debt and be secure in their financial future.

Agency Funded: Bethel Community Church

Program: Afterschool Character Development

Program Description: Scouting provides positive adult role models that embody strong moral values and a commitment to serve others through teamwork and self-confidence. By adding the Afterschool Character Development program to the ASSETS afterschool program we will be able to reach out h youth who may not be familiar with scouting.

Agency Funded: Boy Scouts of America

Program: LIFE – Life’s Insights for Everyone

Program Description: The focus of CASA’s LIFE Program is to work with groups of students between the ages of 10-18 and their Advocates. The program will begin with a Career Fair in the summer. Prior to the Career Fair Advocates will assist the youth in completing an interest / skills profile. The profile will help them decide which occupations and jobs they want to explore. During the Career Fair Advocates will attend a training that will provide them with information and resources to assist them in working with their youth in the LIFE Program.

  • The Career Fair and other components of the LIFE program will enable students to:
  • See how schooling is directly linked to future life/work roles.
  • Realize the importance of staying in school and furthering their knowledge.
  • Realize there is a link between education and training, income and lifestyles.
  • See the effects of their educational choices on their life/work options.
  • Explore a range of work roles and career paths.
  • Be aware of social, economic and technological trends that influence the new work world.
  • Be better prepared to make decisions and judicious choices in all aspects of their lives.

Agency Funded: CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates)

Program: “Saving Sight”

Program Description: “Saving Sight” is a project that will address eye health. The program’s goals include assisting those in our community who are dealing with vision difficulties and diseases with information, resources, services, and support. The program will assist clients in getting visual aids, such as glasses and magnifiers. It will also assist in clients getting accessible assistive devices to help monitor health concerns that effect sight.

Besides visual aids and assistive devices, the program will include presentations and nutritionist-led support groups. These will assist clients in attaining and maintaining better nutritional habits for diseases such as diabetes and hypertension that can effect sight and prevent further loss of sight.

Agency Funded: COVE (Center of Vision Enhancement)

Program: Support for physically impaired and their families

Program Description: Our program’s most direct priority is to support the efforts toward independence in the community – ECPECIALLY AS THIS PERTAINS DIRECTLY AT THERAPY GOALS (access to equipment, therapy, medical intervention, and opportunity to “grow”/learn therapeutic/medical intention). Individuals (and their families) find themselves of some need at various times to attain equipment, programs (therapeutic and/or educational), and emergency support on their “road” to independence, making good healthy choices, and a “full” participation in their medical interaction and healthy community participation.

Agency Funded: Cerebral Palsy Association of Merced County

Program: Saving and Spending Within Means ($WIM)

Program Description: DHHSC will debut a new program which we are calling Saving and Spending Within Means ($WIM), which is geared toward educating our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community about how to make wise financial choices. Living within their means, developing a budget, learning how to cut costs appropriately, and how to prioritize expenses are all key aspects of this program. We expect that our community will improve their skills and start taking steps toward financial stability in their lives. $WIM’s format will consist of monthly activity-oriented workshops following a curriculum we will develop.

We are adding one-on-one meetings into the program, to make it more effective. The $WIM facilitator will meet with each attendee at least once during the program year to provide individual guidance. This was added to ensure that no one gets lost within the group setting, but instead will have direct services to supplement what is taught during workshops.

THE $WIM facilitator will also meet with each attendee early on in the year and then again near the end of the year in order to evaluate progress toward financial stability. This was added as a way to evaluate the program’s effectiveness.

Agency Funded: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Service Center

Program: Emergency Food Program

Program Description: Dos Palos Emergency Feeding Program provides food and food security to the residents of the most depressed areas of the state of California.

Our geographical area has one of the largest populations of unemployment and poverty level families which will continues to increase at an alarming rate due tour economic situation and the drought.

This program meets the needs of all who are having a problematic time making ends meet and must rely on an emergency food provider to help them through until the can get other assistance by providing a place that people can come to under hardship circumstances to receive healthy; nourishing emergency food to feed their families.

Helping to completely see that extreme food insecurity; obesity and malnutrition is stomped out in our geographical area by providing a place that people can come to under hardship circumstances to receive healthy nutritional food.

Agency Funded: Dos Palos Youth in Crisis and Outreach

Program: Center for Greif & Healing and Angel Babies

Program Description:The Center for Grief & Healing and Angel Babies provides compassionate care and support to serve the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs of families and community members who have lost their loves ones. Thirteen months of bereavement support, support groups, and individual counseling is made available to these families and our community members.

Agency Funded: Hinds Hospice

Program: Merced Area Crime Stoppers

Program Description: Merced Area Crime Stoppers allows a person(s) who has knowledge of criminal activity to report that activity to authorities and eliminate any fear of reprisal by perpetrator of the crime by never identifying themselves to the program or any authorities. The only questions ask of a reporting person is their knowledge of the crime and no attempt is ever made to identify that person for any further contact. A second way the program addresses the reluctance to become involved is to provide a monetary reward which encourages a person(s) who would simply not take the initiative to report the information. Again is such an instance, no attempt is made to identify the individual reporting the information.

These two incentives increase the knowledge authorities have to complete investigations and make arrests. Subsequent to arrest, the removal persons committing crimes from the community enhances the quality of life in Merced County.

The program includes four separate communications links that can be utilized by reporting person. They include phone tips, text tips, email tips and smart phone applications tips. We also maintain a website.

Over the past year arrests have been made for many serious crimes where this program received and provided information to authorities. Crimes include the most serious, such as homicide, fatal hit and run accidents and domestic violence to crimes of lesser seriousness including information on crimes that are more quality of life in neighborhood issues such as “pot” gardens near other homes and schools.

Agency Funded: Merced Area Crime Stoppers

Program: Merced College Child Development Center

Program Description: The proposed program is for children 0-5 attending the MCCDC to be healthy and ready to learn by providing early detection and intervention programs identify health and developmental obstacles to children’s optimal learning. The service population this program will target is up to 150 children 0-5 attending the MCCDC. Approximately 82% of the children are from families that are at or below poverty level and qualify for TANF or CalWorks, 6% are low income and 12%is median income. The proposed program will ensure stable, uninterrupted services, by helping families establish relationships with existing community agencies through the use of our screening program which determines the individual needs of children and families.

Agency Funded: Merced College Child Development Center

Program: Emergency Feeding

Program DescriptionThe emergency food providers (EFP) of Merced and Mariposa County receive almost 100% of their emergency food supplies through the Merced County Food Band (MCFB). The MCFB secures and supplies fresh, frozen, processed and commodity foods to all emergency food providers to serve more than 40, 000 unique persons per month.

Inadequate food supply results in more hunger and poorer health for the needy. A nutritious diet will help to cut down on public support of medical expenses.

Agency Funded: Merced County Food Bank

Program: Children’s Concerts

Program Description: MSA is the primary organization that provides sustainable infrastructure for classical music in Merced County. We receive positive feedback year after year from teachers, students, and parents. Our annual January Children’s Concerts play to large audiences. In 2014 we served over 2,300 students: 1, 600 at the Merced Theatre (2 concerts) and 700 students in Los Banos (2 concerts). Our teaching packets enable teachers to instruct students prior to the concerts and thus enrich their understanding of the music they hear. Many adults and students expressed gratitude for the concert as they left venues.

Agency Funded: Merced Symphony Association

Program: Salvation Army HOPE Center

Program Description: The Helping Others Prepare for Employment (HOPE) Center was created to help Westside of Merced County residents become more self-sufficient, maintain and manage their financial stability. With the state of the economy and high unemployment and public assistance rates, the requests for services greatly exceed the resources. The clients that are served through Salvation Army’s social services are in dire need of more skill building activities, self-actualization, other resources and job search skills.

Information and referral services are in important part of the program. It is imperative that the center works with other agencies and organizations in order to meet the clients’ needs. The center can help with clients with immediate need better than other programs while providing guidance to achieve more long term solutions to their issues. More time can be devoted in working one on one with clients to determine their untapped potential and possibilities to succeed.

Agency Funded: Salvation Army

Program: Sacred Rok Yosemite Youth Trips

Program Description:The goal of Sacred Rok is to expose teens to nature through camping trips and hikes, eating healthy food, and helping them to learn to respect and value nature and to understand their own role, to experience the healing ceremony of nature, and to empower them to make positive choices in their lives and to help protect and preserve the natural world where they are experiencing and learning to value.

This year we propose to take 16-32 Merced County teens on a total of eight day trips and a camping trip to Yosemite National Park.  They will learn to slow down and calm down, sitting by a river or taking a hike, and experience nature.  We provide healthy, organic lunch and snacks.  The goal is to build a relationship with nature, through mentoring with a positive adult role model, and increase self-esteem, impulse control, and anger control.  We build healthy communities through long term relationships and follow-up trips with the trip leader.

Agency Funded: Sacred Rok

 Program: UC Merced Food Pantry

Program Description: The UCM Food Pantry program, through partnership with Merced County Food Band and USDA, provides healthy food for students and income-eligible community members unable to make ends meet. The food provided, whether for 1 individual, or increased amounts for larger households, assures the recipients they will have food and removes the worry of needing to skip meals.

The program also provides education about safe food handling, cooking and storage tips etc. Students and community members have been negatively impacted by the recent economic instability. Students face rising tuition, housing, and academic-related costs, and both anecdotal and student self-report studies identify students facing a shortfall. The resulting stress causes many students to make poor choices, including skipping meals.

Community members report cuts to their SNAP funds and rising grocery costs making it more and more difficult to provide good food for their families and themselves.

Agency Funded: UC Merced Food Pantry

Program: UC Merced Police Mentor Program

Program Description: We recruit UC students to mentor and tutor 4th grade students so they can achieve their goals. Mentors serve as a positive role model for at-risk children in Merced. Our program offers acceptance and opportunities the youth may not otherwise have access to. We invest out time and attention in our area youth so we have a greater chance of helping these children change the outcome of their futures by providing a positive alternative to a street gang lifestyle. We open doors to higher education they do not know exist, challenging minds and changing lives, one student at a time.

In collaboration with the Merced community, Merced city schools, and the University community, the UC Merced Police Mentor Program works to address three key areas/concerns in elementary school age youth from socio-economically challenged backgrounds:

1. Educational inspirations/opportunity awareness

2. Social development and self-belief

3. Community ownership/responsibility

Agency Funded: University of California, Merced Police Department

Program: Valley Crisis Center

Program Description: Valley Crises Center provides services to Westside families who are in crises due to domestic violence and sexual assault through the provision of services at the Los Banos satellite office.  The past year, they served 280 victims through the Los Banos office.  The increased services helped promote improved outcomes for the individuals and families served, including increased safety, improved health and mental health, increased access to services to meet basic needs, and improved overall well-being.

This year, in order to increase capacity while also decreasing the need for services in the future, two additional services will be developed.  The first is a “Legal Workshop” that will provide information and assistance to victims who may need civil restraining orders in a group format.

The second strategy is a prevention group with the victims of domestic violence.  Prevention groups help to give children the tools and skills to prevent violence in their own lives.

Both of these promote health and safety amongst the adult victims and their children who are truly impacted by the secondary effects of violence within the home.

Agency Funded: Alliance for Community Transformations





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